35m Diameter Large Geodesic Dome Tent for Beer Festival

Item No.: FMT-018
a) 100% fire retardant DIN 4102 B1 level
b) CE and SGS certificates guaranteed
c) Installation Manual and 3D video available
About The Proiect


This dome tent is designed for a beer festival in summer, it takes up 961.6 square meter on the ground area allowing 650-900 persons to enjoy the party together.
In order for the guests to feel close to nature we directly install the dome tent on sandy ground. As for decoration we choose something that would stand out with national characteristics including choices of musical instruments.
Every guest is having loads of fun as this is not only a gathering for the beer, in fact people are united together by this geodesic dome structure event tent and indulged themselves in the distinct and colorful culture.



Frame Material
Hot dip galvanized steel structure Q235
Roof Cover Material
850g/sqm PVC coated polyester fabric
Side Wall
PVC Wall
From 5m to 60m
Sidewall Height
100% space usage in the tent with almost vertical walls
White, Transparent or Customized
Life Span
10 Years
Wind Load
100-120 km/h
Snow Load
Resistant Temperature
-30℃ to +70℃